Redevelopment of bus station in Bohmte

With its bespoke street furniture solutions, Thieme was able to meet the expectations of the planners for the redevelopment of the bus station in Bohmte. Custom made bus shelters, barrier systems, display cases and matching benches now help shape the appearance of the bus station.
 Project name:
Development station forecourt Bohmte
 Others involved in the project:
August 2004
9 bollards with waste receptacle type 18.500
1 roof for display case as station roof
3 display cases type Münster
22 bollards type Münster, stationary
10 bollards type Münster, removable with triangular lock
2 barriers as knee rail type Münster
4 lightwell grills system Thieme
7 bus shelters type Münster, dimensions: 1.50 x 4.50 m
1 garage manufactured from trapezoidal sheed with sectional door
4 seats type Essen with perforated sheet seat base and system posts
4 seats type Essen with perforated sheet seat base
1 climbing aid type Münster
1 cycle shelter type Münster with bicycle hoops, dimensions: 15.60 x 4.40 m
2 cycle shelters type Münster with bicycle parking hoop, dimensions:  7.80 x 4.40 m